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7820 58th St, Lubbock, TX 79407

What do our customers have to say?

It is hard to believe we have been in our new home for almost a year! It still seems brand new to us, and we enjoy every day we spend in it. We have received nothing but compliments from everyone who visits … including realtors who were trying to sell the homes around us. And, one of my friends was so impressed, she is having you build a home for her right now. I know she will be as pleased and impressed with the experience of working with you guys as we were. First of all … Brad … this was not the first homebuilding experience we have had in our lives, but it was the biggest. Our previous experiences took twice as long to finish as we were promised, commitments were forgotten, and costs were twice as much as estimated. I can’t find words to express my appreciation for your project management and expertise in the homebuilding business. You documented everything we discussed accurately, and that is no small feat considering the number of homes you are juggling all the time. And, your patience with all of my questions and “modifications” was outstanding. You were so responsive and helpful! I am so thankful that you welcomed us to your new home before we decided to build because it gave us (me) lots of great ideas! J Now … Janice … how do you keep your calm and sweet personality with customers like me? I know you shuddered every time I stopped by or sent an email because it always started with “Would it be possible to …” or “Is it too late to …”. We are so pleased with all of the materials and color choices we made. I get compliments on the lighting and flooring and cabinets constantly. Thanks so much for all of your time and assistance in helping us through that. It was like having your best friend help you through the tough decisions that are everlasting! Your advice and experience were priceless! Also, a friend of our daughter’s painted a mural on the wall leading to the basement. Please stop by to see it sometime. You are always welcome! Finally … last, but not least … Tim! I did not actually meet you until our home was finished. But, from the beginning of our home, I heard nothing but good things about you. I know Rick showed up every single day at the building site … just because he could. He was so impressed with how particular you were and how involved you were with the building process. That personal involvement is so rare, or non-existent, for someone with the volume of business you have. It certainly shows in the finished product! -

The Price Family


Let us start by saying we feel very BLESSED to live in a beautiful home! We prayed and saved our money for 4+ years for the right home. Our prayers were answered with Tim Roten Homes. We were impressed from the first time we walked into the model home and through out the entire process. Your sales team and contractors are all very nice and hardworking. Julie, Janice, Brad, Brad and your self were always there to help us out with all of our crazy questions and concerns. When our friends and family ask us about our new home, we brag about how awesome our experience has been and how much we LOVE our home. This is our second home that we have had built and we can not even begin to comparing the experience. You do not need commercials to advertise because your workmanship and your wonderful staff is all you need. Word of mouth is how we will advertise for you! Fantastic, Amazing, Energy Efficient, Great Craftsmanship, Great and Awesome Employee’s!!!!! You and your family are truly amazing!!!! We know that God indeed sent us to the right place to help make our dream home become a reality!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!-

Lonnie, Michelle And Zane Esquibel


Ali and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the beautiful home that you have built for us. From the moment that we decided to buy a Roten home we have had nothing but an incredible experience. You have so much integrity and you put in such hard work to build these beautiful homes, we are so lucky that we found you all and chose you as our builder. We were blown away by your level of professionalism, honesty, humbleness and kindness. It’s unheard of to see a builder so involved in every step of the process, it meant so much to us to see Tim and Brad work so tirelessly on our home, many times when we stopped by to see the progress on the weekends and we were pleasantly surprised to see Tim there hard at work. We have enjoyed our home immensely so far and I know that we will continue to do so for many years to come. Thank you for all your hard work and diligence and for building this beautiful home for us. We wish you all continued success and many blessings always.-

Shadi and Ali


We all feel very blessed to have had the pleasure and opportunity to have the Roten’s build us a place we call home! We had been looking for builder for a while and we’re still selling our home when we came across Roten Homes. Most people are against building a home. This was our first experience and one of the best. Janice was very good with helping us make our selections. Tim is one of the most amazing people we have ever met. We made a list of things we wanted and in one weeks time he had sketched it out on paper! We were blown away by his talents. Brad was very good to answer all our questions and explain things. Tim and Brad were on site every day making sure things were done correctly. You can tell they take great pride in what they do and have a lot of integrity. They worked on the house every day. Even weekends something was being done. We have been in the house a little over a year and has over exceeded our expectations. Not only is the house been built correctly, but the house is absolutely beautiful. We get so many comments on the look of the home from outside and also the look inside. The house is more than we had ever imagined. It’s more than just a house! It’s the place we call home, our sanctuary! We love our home more than words can say and are so thankful that we got the opportunity to work with the Roten’s! I would recommend them to anyone and would definitely build with them again. Thank you for all your hard work and for helping us achieve this beautiful home. We appreciate you all so much for everything!-

The Sallaskas


My husband, Freddie, and I are doubly blessed! We have the honor of living in a Roten Home and I also am privileged to work for Tim and Janice. We purchased our house in 2012 and couldn’t be happier. We both come from large families and are constantly hosting a house full of people. Our floor plan is great and our house is spacious and extremely quiet. We are so proud and our family and friends are always comfortable and in awe of our beautiful home! I have been in new home sales for 14 years, moving from the Dallas/Fort Worth market to Lubbock. I was very disillusioned in my search for an employer and home builder until I discovered Roten Homes. Tim and Brad are such hands-on, hard-working, conscientious builders. They pay attention to every detail involved in the building of a Roten Home – from the major decisions such as using the highest quality building materials to the smallest details like mounting towel racks and door stops into studs. Janice is the absolute best at guiding buyers in choosing colors and finishes. The skill, time, care and consideration that goes into their homes is absolutely amazing! They are also some of the most compassionate people I have every met. I can not begin to tell you the stories I hear and see on a daily basis. They truly care about each and every customer and go “above and beyond” to make sure everyone is satisfied and has an exceptional home and great buying experience.-

Freddie and Julie Ramos

Where to begin…turning the impossible to possible and dreams into reality. Who would have known that when Chelsey stopped by Roten Homes that the end result would have been the perfect home. The difference you have made in our lives is hard to express. Chelsey started with a simple dream on paper. Your experience and willingness to listen led to a home that is beautiful, comfortable and very functional for her. The quality of materials and craftsmanship will allow this home to bless her and our family for many years to come. From the very beginning your personal involvement with your clients was noteworthy and we were overwhelmed when you reached out to others in the building community which resulted in many added benefits for Chelsey in her home which make navigation easier and life more enjoyable both indoors and outdoors. The wide doorways, pocket doors, room layout and yes, that huge bathroom and closet! As we watched the construction, family and friends would question the large size of the master bath and closet…It is wonderful! The utility room and open pantry…fantastic! The kitchen cabinet design with drawers and convenient placement of switches for lights, fans, garbage disposal, etc….amazing! The extra large patio, wide front walkway, beautiful trees and yard…outstanding! Chelsey would drive by on a regular basis during construction. We loved getting updates, texts, and pictures from her and hearing the joy and excitement in her voice when we talked to her. Thank you for involving Chelsey on a regular basis as the construction progressed. Chelsey is very proud of her home, as we are proud for her! Thank you for taking your time, your experience, your resources and your passion and sharing those with her. In short, thank you all for taking her under your wing.-

The Price Family